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A universe of colorful design with freedom as the key concept.
A universe of colorful design with freedom as the key concept.

FREE” Ready-to Wear Collection by Oscar Carvallo.

Oscar was inspired to create a line dedicated to youth and the liberty we should all have to choose our path in life.

With our everchanging society, each generation breaks the rules and arrives with a new wave of freshness and desire for freedom. Each generation sees the future differently.

Today’s youth demands that sexuality should be free, that people can shape their life and career as they please. As each day passes, young people dedicate themselves to new technology, new careers, and new ways of living modern lives.

FREE” is dedicated to this new way of thinking - to the new generations that transform society and create new futures.

Our symbol of freedom is the human heart, an essential element we all share. FREE has designed a new heart for the new generation, an edgy heart, a contemporary heart, a symbol that relates each and everyone of us.

Heart Oscar Carvallo

The concept and design of the heart has been in Oscar’s life since the beginning of his career. It has been present in every collection and show, and has become his signature image and logo. Throughout the years, the heard design has evolved, changing shapes and colors to become the symbol it is now.

Oscar Carvallo Heart with Miguel Prypchan

As Oscar’s signature heart gained recognition with each collection, artists close to Carvallo found inspiration and interpreted the image in their own unique way. Miguel Prypchan transformed the heart into a sculpture and Alexandre Arrechea painted a huge aquarelle named “Mil Amores.”

Sculpture Oscar Carvallo Heart with Miguel Prypchan

Inspiration and creation are always evolving just as our heart evolves. Originally an embroidered thread logo, our heart now is multidimensional and can be found in countless forms. Our team of designers are constantly collaborating on new ideas and have transformed the heart into various prints, each with their own personality and flair. Stay tuned for new prints and looks.