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Oscar Carvallo Team
Oscar Carvallo Team
Carvallo Paris Logo

The ready-to-wear line Carvallo Paris was born from designer Oscar Carvallo's inspiration to bring his Parisian couture to the streets, blending chic simplicity with expert craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted to meet the desires of today's young society, who seek to feel special with a twist of elegance.

This exciting new adventure bursts with creativity and features the new Carvallo Heart logo, which resonates with a new wave of fashion enthusiasts. It ignites feelings of freedom, love, vitality, innovation, and an unspoken declaration of the inner self that says, "I want to be free."

Carvallo Paris is designed for comfort, using the finest 100% Pima cotton, offering a unique look with simple design and unmatched quality.

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